Project Report

"WHAM" – Wholesale Order Management

Mapping the order process
QSC AG, Cologne, Germany
Telecommunications, Wholesale

QSC AG sells DSL connections and services primarily to wholesale customers and resellers such as Freenet, Hansenet (Alice), 1&1 and Congstar.
The company consulted with catapullt to develop a unified service interface and map the order process for a DSL connection from start to finish.

Custom solution requirements:
The information and data of the systems (billing, commission management, phone number management and network management) and parties (Telekom, old DSL provider, original number issuer, connection owner, customer service) involved must be logically and meaningfully channeled into a process and mapped.
In the case of an error in these highly complex processes, departments such as customer management, IT and network technology must be able to understand the problem quickly and if necessary intervene and restart the process.

The custom software solution:
After careful analysis, weighting of process steps by the departments and processing of data from different sources (from databases to faxes), catapullt developed a web-based wholesale order management application known as WHAM, with the IOP framework as the technical basis.
The application allows the client to locate and track errors in the order workflow. It even offers automatic context-dependent intervention options (e.g., resend telephone technician if no one was there to meet him the first time).