Project Report


Central data management, process optimization
Proenergy Contracting GmbH & Co. KG, Bochum
Energy service provider

Custom software requirements: Current, clear and valid information is an essential requirement for the professional management of operational business processes.

For energy service provider Proenergy, catapullt developed customized software that allows the client to view, utilize, summarize and export all relevant data from existing systems and applications at any time without the need to start or call up said applications.
One of the prerequisites for these custom software features is an enterprise-wide, unified data model with clear structures and guidelines for processing and storing relevant data and information.

The custom software solution: The primary goal of the catapullt solution is to optimize the client's business processes. This is achieved through a web-based application that allows cross-system access or consolidation of all data and information required for completing each step in the workflow or process.

Client benefits

In addition to substantial qualitative and quantitative performance improvements, the custom software has also produced a significant reduction in process costs. The system also supports and helps implement functions, processes and user guidance both company-wide as well as in individual departments. Synchronization, migration and consolidation of existing data can be performed easily.

In addition, users benefit from:

  • Meaningful reporting capabilities
  • Minimal effort to maintain, operate and further expand the system
  • Harmonization of the application landscape, detachment of various ancillary systems
  • Use of web services by internal and external partners, multi-tenant-capable system

Technologies used

  • Modelling in UML with Rational Rose
  • Implementation in Java/J2EE with Eclipse
  • Interaction with ERP and billing bystems via XMLinterface
  • Platform independence through web-based system