Project Report

"Extranet 2"

B2B portal for tracking business processes
ALSCO Berufskleidungs-Service GmbH, Cologne
Workwear leasing and servicing

Workwear leasing and servicing forms the core business of ALSCO. The company has five service centers and 13 branches throughout Germany serving over 40,000 customers.

The existing order process application did not fulfill the architectural requirements or offer the necessary flexibility to meet the client's needs and allow execution of its industry-specific processes at an appropriate speed. The company lacked an integrated approach for synchronizing data.

Target performance criteria for the custom software:
The business objective was to increase the efficiency of the order process and to simplify and optimize the internal flow of information and sharing of data. Simple and open migration mechanisms and integration of the B2B portal with the existing back-office systems were required.

The custom software solution:
A centralized B2B portal (extranet and intranet) was developed to provide structured, meaningful representation of all existing data. As a web interface, the portal allows the client and its existing customers to view contract, customer, delivery location, carrier and product data at any time. In accordance with stored rights and roles, the data can be modified and accessed in the form of standard reports.

The solution implemented by catapullt allows the client to:

  • Search, view and (if necessary) modify group, customer and delivery point data
  • Track business transactions and processes in detail
  • Create and display cost centers and organizational units
  • Change delivery points (e.g. carrier transfer)
  • Update carrier inventory
  • Handle complaints
  • Fill orders
  • Retrieve individual reports

Client benefits:
The custom software solution ensures a significantly optimized order process, allows modification during order processing and runs more efficiently than the previous solution.