ca | ta | pullt: 1. A company focused on replacing slow, complicated and ineeficient software in businesses.

The hourglass: that symbol on the computer screen that signals a mandatory coffee break. Hardware only runs as fast as it physically can. Software, however, is a key factor in the performance and speed of the overall system.

Does the software in your company still meet your requirements for ease of use, speed and clarity? Your employees probably have a thousand different ideas of what software should provide. While we may not be able to fulfill every single one of these requests with custom software modules, we can design our products to meet the most important needs from the point of view of management, the IT department and the controller.

  • As the boss, you can be confident that your software is at the cutting edge of technology, that it can be used quickly and easily and that your staff can be more productive with it. Is it a deal?
  • As an IT manager, you can rest assured that stand-alone solutions are easily linked to one another. Our software solutions are platform-independent and can be integrated with (almost) any technology with little effort.
  • And as a controller, you can look forward to lower hardware and maintenance costs, for a little more breathing room in the budget.

Let us take a look at the workflows in your company and the IT processes associated with them. We'll then work with you one-on-one to design a strategy for speeding up your processes and increasing your productivity. This will give you the opportunity to focus your available resources on your core competencies. What do you stand to gain in the end? Perhaps a key advantage over your competitors in the market.

Excerpts from our projects