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ca | ta | pullt: 1. A company that uses its strengths in analysis, process design and solution orientation to benefit its clients.

The name itself signifies a "launching device". The first thing the catapullt team does is analyze the goal – together with the client, of course. Next, our team – consisting of consultants, project managers, software engineers and GUI designers – determines the trajectory of the project. To make sure we hit the bullseye every time, one of the most important principles of our business is developing long-term partnerships with our clients.

What makes a successful launch? Our team, each member of which is an expert in his or her field. The motivation of our staff depends heavily on their ability to combine their professional and personal values. A human resources policy geared toward this goal is part of our corporate culture.

catapullt has already hit a number of bullseyes for well-known companies in the telecommunications, logistics and energy supply industries. One of the reasons may be that our corporate headquarters are a bit different: rural, quiet, perfect for concentration – yet only a few minutes from downtown Wuppertal, with easy connections to the vast infrastructure of the Rhine-Ruhr region.

What goal can we help you achieve?


Software. People. Development.

We believe that intelligent software makes a valuable contribution to business development. And we are convinced that that a single, people-oriented technology concept can be the key to success.

For this reason, catapullt observes special disciplines, such as open exchange with management and department specialists. This enables us to act responsibly and in the interest of our clients. Through better understanding, we can minimize error rates and guarantee fast support. At catapullt, responsibility means designing the most efficient processes with the least amount of resources and eliminating risk wherever possible.

catapullt plans for the long term – sustainably, one could say. This includes an appreciation for reciprocity, both in relationships with clients and in our own company with our staff. That's why we also rely on investments in both hardware and software and in developing our knowledge base. We take this responsibility seriously, because with each product we create a piece of the future.


Portrait von Jürgen Weinrich

Jürgen Weinrich

Jürgen Weinrich founded catapullt GmbH & Co. KG in 2003 with two partners.

A graduate in electrical engineering, Weinrich has been responsible for major IT projects in various management positions held since 1993 at BBC/ABB, ePlus, Digital Equipment for DeTeMobil and finally at Oracle.

By founding catapullt, he moved one step closer to his goal of providing modern IT structures as an alternative to the "big" firms.


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ca | ta | pullt: 1. A company that uses its visions to persue its goal of making life easier for its clients.

IT. Web 2.0. ERP. CRM. And everything ASAP.
The complexity of sharing information and data is growing continuously, as is the number of new software versions.
Keeping up. Learning. Staying focused.

catapullt directs its attention toward the people who must produce results by working with technology and software. To make this task easy and accessible, the team at catapullt works hard to create innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use software that makes life a little easier.

In no other industry are product life cycles as fast-paced as in IT and software. The ability to continuously adapt to new standards and technologies is becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive. As a medium-sized company, catapullt understands this challenge well and is developing new ideas to make IT and software convenient, intelligible and more human.

This is the vision of catapullt. Another key aspect is reliability in difficult situations. The generation mix in the team helps ensure this criterion. Senior consultants with decades of software project experience in a wide variety of industries and fields work alongside young software developers and designers who can think outside the box of bits and bytes.

The catapullt vision: to make working life easier for people through custom software.

ca | ta | pullt: 1. A company, that has been making life easier for clients for nearly 10 years through intelligent software and process optimization.

  • catapullt GmbH & Co. KG founded by Jürgen Weinrich, Andreas Kedzia and Dieter Böttcher in Düsseldorf, NRW.

  • catapullt introduces the IOP software toolkit as a basis for automated development.

  • In early 2008, the company relocates to its new office building in the Gelpetal district of Wuppertal.

  • catapullt merges with CronideSoft AG.

  • catapullt exhibits for the first time at the 2010 CeBIT show in Hannover.

  • A new corporate design is introduced.