Project Report

Phone Number Management

Phone number management and assignment
QSC AG, Cologne, Germany

QSC AG, a leading service provider in the telecommunications industry, offers a wide range of high quality broadband services such as complete enterprise networks (VPNs) including managed services, operates voice and data services based on its Next Generation Networks (NGN) and enables powerful DSL, Ethernet and wireless connections. The company also provides the necessary preliminary products for the wholesale business.

The criteria for the software solution:
The criteria for managing phone numbers are complex. QSC needed a functional system that could manage diverse sets of data logically and transmit them to a wide range of applications. The goal was to be able to clearly coordinate individual phone numbers, number blocks, internal numbers as well as numbers assigned by other providers.

The technical challenge for the software solution:
In assigning numbers, certain deadlines had to be met and numerous third-party systems informed. Another requirement was to produce as few numbers as possible that could no longer be assigned because too few contiguous blocks were available. Furthermore, the client needed the ability to automatically update routing information to ensure that calls are physically received at the correct address each time. Then there was the task of migrating existing phone numbers from various legacy systems.

The custom software solution:
The IOP developed by catapullt provided the basis for the workflow-based management of phone numbers. A web interface matching the QSC corporate design scheme gave users direct, intuitive and convenient access to phone number data. IOP makes transferring data to third-party system databases possible. A SOAP service also allows the software to be controlled by linked services.