ca | ta | pullt: 1. A company that sometimes shoots beyond the target, particularly when it comes to services.

At catapullt, service starts with the product. We never use our clients as beta testers. Before we deliver and install any custom software, the product goes through automated testing to ensure its proper function.

After installation, people are once again the focus – because any software is only as good as the people who use it. And the better your employees know the software, the more efficiently it can be used. catapullt provides training to guarantee the optimal use of the software by your staff.

catapullt also offers workshops for developers or IT department specialists. This ensures your ability to expand the resources and strengths of your custom software in the future on your own with your own team of experts.

And when it comes to hardware, catapullt can provide the right advice, too. After all, we know what a computer must be able to do in order to maximize the potential of your custom software.

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