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Mobile App for businesses

Mobile, customizable app for businesses.

A website alone is no longer a unique selling point for businesses, as customers increasingly rely on the options and services offered by smartphones. Companies who want to brand themselves as modern and service-oriented to this target market must provide smartphone and tablet users with carefully thought-out apps that offer real value.

Because developing apps is often laborious and costly, we offer a variety of pre-assembled modules that allow even companies with low budgets to reap the benefits of apps.

  • The start screen can provide the customer with current information about offers or promotions, for example.
  • In the Contact area of the app, customers can access the company's customer service line, mailing address or other forms of communication.
  • A location finder helps customers find branches, subsidiaries or events.

Custom-programmed modules provide additional benefits in terms of customer loyalty. And with a server connection, the app is kept automatically up-to-date.

With its app toolkit, catapullt makes your foray into the world of apps easy and allows you to clearly document your customer relationships and services.