Software Products

IOP – Internet Operating Platform

Our highly integrated enterprise framework for developing business applications.

How does catapullt design software efficiently? The answer lies in our proprietary programming tool: our INTERNET OPERATING PLATFORM or IOP for short.

The advantages for our clients

Normally when a software is programmed, the individual sections are created as a technical model using flow charts. From this basis, the software functions are then permanently linked to one another. The disadvantage of this method is that it makes maintaining or updating the software complicated or extremely time-consuming. For clients, this also translates into high costs.

Software development with IOP avoids these problems. Before coding begins, catapullt designs graphical models to represent the structure of the client's data and business processes.
This greatly reduces complex manual programming, since the IOP can process these graphical models and use them to generate the basic framework for the program before development even begins. This saves time – our developers can fully concentrate on implementing your specific business requirements without getting lost in complex coding details.

Important for clients: The models that serve as a basis for our programming work are easy to understand, even by laymen, after just a brief introduction. This allows catapullt clients to be actively involved in the development process – after all, who understands the target market and the business better than the client itself?

IOP offers easy linking to existing and third-party systems; simple and above all customizable implementation of roles & rights; and high optimization in terms of speed and resource consumption – things we would otherwise have to worry about.

With IOP, catapullt employs state-of-the-art development strategies supported by advanced software technology. This saves us time and resources, which we can put toward fine-tuning your solution.