ca | ta | pullt: 1. Company that develops customize software to help companies simplify their workflows.

Corporate departments and divisions like doing their own thing. Customer databases here, information directories there – keeping information as up-to-date as possible and making it available to the staff on demand can be critical to a business.

catapullt develops custom-tailored interfaces and programs that make workflows truly easier.

At catapullt, we don't think in terms of software products, which are often only isolated solutions. Rather, we develop solution-oriented intelligent software that helps companies work more efficiently.


Custom software

WHAM - Wholesale Auftragsmanagement

Mapping the order process

Two-for-one IT: order process and standardized service interface for DSL connections

Project Report

  • Vertragsdaten
  • Detailansicht
  • Vorgangsübersicht
  • Neuen Vorgang starten

Phone number management and assignment

Professional phone number assignment.
With no number mix-ups – guaranteed.

Project Report

  • Portierungsprozess
  • Rufnummer bearbeiten
  • Prozessanzeige
  • Rufnummerndetails
  • Rufnummernsuche

P 2.0

Patent database

Every patent attorney's dream website – a multi-client-enabled patent pool.

Project Report

  • Suchergebniss
  • Patentdetails
  • General Search
  • Advanced Search

Extranet 2

B2B portal for tracking business processes

Streamlined processes for workwear leasing.

Project Report

  • Benutzerverwaltung - Rollen
  • Kundensuche
  • Neuen Träger anlegen - Schritt 1
  • Neuen Träger anlegen - Schritt 2
  • Neuen Träger anlegen - Schritt 3


Idea management

To ensure that no flash of genius is lost: software-based idea management.

Project Report

  • Startseite
  • Neue Idee einreichen - Schritt 1
  • Neue Idee einreichen - Schritt 2
  • Ideenarchiv


Data consolidation

Control and maintain data centrally – for a true overview of business processes.

Project Report

  • Abteilungsauswahl
  • Personensuche - Detailansicht
  • Ereignis - Detailansicht
  • Personensuche

Software products

"fluppt." business app

Modular app custom business services

The doorway into the world of apps – the app toolkit from catapullt.

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Time tracking

Time, expense and travel cost tracking

iPhone App tracks time and travel costs automatically and scans expense receipts – goodbye, paperwork!

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Event database

Event planning and management

Event management made easy – track guest activity quickly and conveniently.

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  • Event-Datenbank


Internet Operating Platform

Processes become images. Images become software. IOP – the basis for smarter, simpler software.

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  • Internet Operation Platform



Analyse IT systems and organization

Good advice – the first step toward process optimization.

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Developer training

Bring your IT knowledge up to speed

Ensure the success of your business through knowledge.

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Structure and formulate ideas and processes

catapullt translates ideas into designs, operational processes into IT structures.

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GUI concepts

The user as a benchmark for software design

Simple and intuitive – catapullt software helps you work more efficiently.

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From setting goals to hitting targets

  1. Step 1: Setting a goal

    Save time? Work more efficiently? Communicate faster? catapullt works with businesses to define goals to be achieved with a customized software.


  2. Step 2: Visualizing tehe target

    In Step 2, we begin looking at the fine details: what capabilities must the software have to efficiently design the company's workflows?


  3. Step 3: Defining the trajectory

    Think. Code. Test. Launch.


  4. Step 4: Hitting the target

    catapullt software in practice: the implementation phase – with support, of course



Meeting the goal of your project

At catapullt, we love hitting the bullseye. We achieve this through teamwork – with our clients. We support the entire software project, from requirements analysis to practical implementation to staff training, with specialists at every step.


What our Clients say about us

  • "Innovative, client-oriented, fast, partnership-based, open and fair"

    - CIO QSC AG, Cologne
  • "Professionally competent, organizationally flexible, methodical, strictly process-oriented"

    - CEO of Proenergy, Bochum