Project Report

"AIM" – ALSCO Ideenmanagement

Idea Management
ALSCO Berufskleidungs-Service GmbH, Köln
Workwear leasing and servicing

Employee suggestions that lead to improved operational processes, cost reductions or better efficiency are highly valued and rewarded by businesses. Today, this process is known as idea management and is carried out using software.

The custom software solution: For ALSCO, a specialist in workwear leasing, catapullt developed an IOP-based software system for the employee suggestion system.

A central collection point for ideas makes it much easier for the staff to formulate and contribute their improvement ideas through a variety of different channels. The system also allows the employer to manage compensation of staff suggestions through bonuses.

New ideas can be submitted in the following ways:

  • As an individual recommendation from one employee
  • As a team suggestion
  • Remotely via mobile phones that support J2ME
  • Anonymously if desired

Supporting documentation can also be attached to the recommendation.

The system offers the company various options for evaluating the data:

  • Central analysis of the relevance of the suggestion
  • Commenting features
  • Delegation of idea evaluation to departments or management boards

Submitted suggestions and ideas are compiled in a central archive for viewing by all users. The start page of the idea management system includes a dynamic news section.