IT Consulting

Before each consultation, the first step is to analyze the problem.
After all, only a holistic view of the situation from all angles can guarantee a goal-oriented approach.

Our team of project managers, software developers, database specialists and designers draws together on decades of project experience to find the right answer to every question.

Whether it's advice on how to optimize your existing IT solutions or plan a completely new software architecture, catapullt is at your side from the first meeting to final system implementation and beyond.

And by "beyond" we mean not just fast and personal service but also training for your users.

Because the better your employees understand how your custom software works, the better their results will be. Therefore, an important aspect of our service portfolio is training the people who work with the software on a daily basis.

catapullt trains employees at all levels: from IT department specialists who are responsible for ensuring smooth operation to users who must be familiar with all the features of the software in order to fully maximize its efficiency potential.

An excerpt from our consulting portfolio:

Consulting expertise areas
  • Project management, project oversight and implementation, coaching, interim management
  • Problem and crisis management
  • Architecture consulting (application, technology)
  • Weakness analysis
  • Conceptual design
  • Software selection process
  • Migration: data migration, data consolidation, transformation, modeling
  • BI, Data Warehouse
  • Process consulting (business and technical)
  • System rollout management (certification, ticket management, rollout planning and implementation, SLA coordination process, employee council coordination process)
  • IT security